The safest, fastest path to Enterprise AI.

Generative AI brings unprecedented risks to your enterprise. GRC facilitates compliant and secure enterprise-level AI applications. Tap into your enterprise data and safely unlock AI's full potential with our ready-to-use blueprints and AI-powered copilots, already integrated into your trusted tools and workflows.

Opt for Speed and Safety: The proven security layer for AI, Trusted by notaries and lawyers.

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Safeguard sensitive and confidential data and uphold acceptable use policies seamlessly across all AI tools.


Ensure reliable and iterative model tuning by providing secure and governed continuous access to fresh data.


Reuse foundation models with confidence knowing that any data driving them is secured, governed, and ready for AI.

Hybrid AI

Use a wide range of ML infrastructure and models, enabling effortless and cost-effective AI deployment.

Turn AI hype into business reality

Generative AI and Large Language Models are only as good as the data they’ve been trained on, and they need the right context.

For these models and AI to be successful, all your data needs to be trusted.

GRC is the safest, fastest path to Enterprise AI you can trust. GRC Sensitive Data Engine leverages your enterprise data, and with GRC Generative AI Platform, you can safely unlock the value of AI.
Stay ahead of existing and emerging data regulations with out-of-box compliance. Overcome regulatory hurdles and deploy faster than ever.
Unlocking AI's TRUE Potential

Trusted data: The key to balancing AI’s value and risk.

Stay ahead, save time, cut costs—seamlessly and efficiently. Leverage our expanding suite of connectors to effortlessly extract unstructured data from third-party tools. Say goodbye to days of writing custom integrations.

Get a Responsible, compliant AI-advantage across your enterprise. THIS IS HOW:


LLMs of Your Choice

Establish and maintain compliance as you incorporate LLMs and AI into your internal systems and operational procedures, all supported by a robust, secure, and AI-optimized data scaffold. Remain in absolute command, dictating AI's accessibility parameters. Opt for commercial or open-source LLMs, all while keeping compliance at the forefront of your AI deployment strategy.

Operational Agents & Actions

Develop AI-driven agents that are guided and controlled by large language models (LLMs). These intelligent agents can comprehend and suggest valuable business procedures, as well as initiate key actions. With possibilities like these in sight, imagine the efficiency and potential of your future business strategies.


Navigate the data landscape more efficiently than ever. Our growing collection of connectors allows the easy extraction of unstructured data from various platforms, offering endless possibilities. Additionally, we provide access to high-quality, curated data from selections of prestigious private knowledge databases. Our promise is simple: less time spent on custom integrations and more time on generating valuable insights.